8-Aug-2018Binghamton, NY +3 milesCats for Sale
Maple was trapped forty feet up in a maple tree for over 4 days without food or water. When Jim 1st heard he meowing he called the fire station and they were unable to reach her at 1st. When they finally got Maple down, she was sick, hungry, and dehydrated, but so adorable and trusting. We rushed her to the veterinarian during their emergency weekend hours and they treated her for her upper res...
Jade is a very precious cat, born on June 22, 2017. She was a result of an accidental mating, but due to not being able to afford food for her and her littermates along with her parents and the other cats in the house, we need to let some go. This kitten allows you to hold her and will sleep on you if tolerated, is litter box trained, and very playful. She enjoys toys, food, and high places, ge...
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